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Social Media Management is not about a few tweets and random facebook posts. A carefully managed and executed social media plan is pivotal in driving customer engagement and website traffic.

Social Icons for social media managementMany companies dive into social media because they think they have to, but not every channel may be appropriate for your business. As with all other marketing channels, social media options chosen should be those that are in alignment and will support your business objectives – a social media management plan should identify the social channels your target audience occupies, what is the branding message you are trying to communicate.

REDANT will work with you to devise and execute a social media strategy that targets your audience most effectively and delivers measurable results against your business objectives – whether this is growing brand recognition, increasing your online following, promotional, or increasing traffic to your website – or indeed a combination of them all.

This will be done whist defining a tone of voice, outlining parameters of what can and can’t be said and consistent design elements that re-inforce your company’s brand and standards.



Creating a steady stream of interesting and relevant content to keep your current audience engaged and attract new followers can be challenging and time consuming. Content creation is much more than blogging. When done right, content marketing including articles, guides and videos, can be excellent drivers in your online marketing objectives.

Every client has a different set of requirements, and we tailor each social media and content management package to our client’s specific needs and in line with their business objectives.

Each tailored package outlines exactly what we will do on a monthly basis with a defined frequency of posts, number of content creation pieces etc, so you can see exactly what is planned and we can measure performance, providing monthly reporting on measurable targets.

Our team will work closely with you, through a monthly review meeting, to set out a communications plan for the coming month based on your company’s activities, events, promotions etc.