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6 Ways to Ace Your Social Media Marketing

6 Ways to Ace Your Social Media Marketing

Is your company on social media? Why?

Are you there because your competitors are also on social media or because social media has become a “basic necessity” for both individuals and companies of all sizes?

As a marketing agency, we are always on the lookout on how you can ace your social media marketing, ensuring that you reach and engage with the most accurate audience and attain high ROI.

From our social experiments we find these 6 key elements should be the focus of your campaigns.

1. Why do you want to be on social media?social media management

Be very clear from the word go as to why you are opting for social media as a marketing channel. Who do you want to reach? Are your expectations achievable? Do you want engagement, sales, or brand awareness?

2. Which social media channels are most relevant for your product/service type? 

One of largest challenges we encounter is that most companies want to be on all social media channels. Although this sounds okay especially when you intend to reach and engage with prospects all over, we feel that as companies you should narrow down to only applicable and realistic channels.

For example, does a law firm really need to be on Snapchat?

3. Craft your content and use custom images/videos!

Don’t just patch up words. Take time to craft your relevant messages. Make them short, direct and engaging. Custom images/videos will draw attention which is likely to double your traffic. Many social media users are very impatient and if your image and first two words are not engaging enough…it becomes a matter of “onto the next post please”. Always aim at bringing value to your audience by solving a problem they could be experiencing or may encounter in the future.

4. Monitor the posts/ ads performance.

Engage, respond to comments and enquiries immediately. Identify times when activities are high on specific channels by tracking your post views, shares, mentions, reach and re-tweets. This is a way of growing your audience since you can follow everyone who re-shares your posts. It’s also a way of connecting with an audience that is genuinely interested in your products and services yet a simple thank you gesture.

5. Have a budget

While the best way to go about social media is organic, there are posts, campaigns and ads that may need sponsorship. Further, sometimes you may also consider social media competitions that may require you to purchase a reward.

6. Maximize on social media influencers

Post frequently and cross promote your content on all your profiles .Whenever possible; engage with influencers (users with a large number of audience who can persuade them to discover your brand and expand your social reach through their social networks) on your social platforms. Build up a relationship with them, mention them in your posts or give them a relevant shout out-they will also give a shout out to your company thus increase your brand’s reach since all their followers will be interested in you.


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