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Planning A Photography Shoot


Whether it is photography for an industrial project or a fashion assignment for a catalogue, planning and preparation are key in maximising time and effort to get the best images from a shoot.

We want our clients to get the most from their photography commissions and so here are some key factors for prospective clients to consider when planning your company’s photography shoot.



Essential. Know in advance what you want to get from the shoot. Don’t organize a shoot hoping to wing it. Our photography team works with our clients before any project to plan a shot list, so on the day we can achieve what we set out to do. Anything additional is then a bonus.

Be realistic in what can be achieved when factoring in the following considerations as well.



Having worked on commercial assignments for over a decade, experience suggests getting the images can take more time than a client may think.

Many companies factor in budgets that then puts a constraint on time available to shoot, but giving that extra couple of hours or half day can help you get that knockout shot that you are after.  Also allow for some contingency – something always occurs that wasn’t expected.

Recently, for example, we were asked to do corporate headshots of the twenty-strong management team and were given a two-hour time frame. What already seemed a push in terms of time allowance went straight out of the window when a number of the management team were called on to an emergency conference call. The shoot duration ended up being closer to five hours.


Industrial photography - LMH, Qatar


Ok, specifically for on-location shoots in Qatar its mainly about heat, wind and dust (unlike our home country where we need to countenance rain every other day!).

Beyond June until September it is almost impossible to shoot all day externally. The high temperatures not only make it very uncomfortable for the use of models/staff standing around, but it is also hard on the photography crew and the equipment (cameras turn into hot potatoes). Depending on the shoot you may be able to get a couple of early morning hours in before the heat gets too much but much more forget it.

Recently we conducted a 4 hour shoot in an outdoor (but covered) swimming pool. Even despite the covering and being submerged in the pool, several members of the crew were feeling the heat by the end of the session



Someone or something needs to be in an image? Make sure they are/it is there and ready. For models (we can help source and manage these) or key staff give them plenty of advance notice and re-confirm the day before. If it is a resource,piece of equipment or prop that needs to feature make sure it is on site on the day of the shoot.



Wanting to get that great backdrop for your fashion model or showing off your installation on a new blue-riband construction project in Doha? Getting permissions is essential. The number of times we have turned up to a site to shoot and been stopped due to a lack of permissions. Internal or external locations, Souq Waqif or a construction site in Barwa, having the correct permissions in advance means an interference free shoot. Though we can assist in helping to get the permissions, normally our clients have more clout with a respective location and have a better chance of obtaining them.


Do you have upcoming photography requirements ? Let us help you plan your shoot – give us a call today on 33857700.