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Brochures vs Websites?

Brochures versus Websites

When speaking to companies in the region and discussing their various marketing materials, it is a constant surprise how often we are handed a wonderfully presented brochure, but then online finding an outdated and dysfunctional web design.

Whilst Qatar has some amazing online experiences amongst some of its major companies – too many other companies in the region simply seem to neglect their online presence. 

Recently at Project Qatar, we approached an engineering company, who had a very nicely designed stand and equally impressive brochure. Emblazoned across both in big letters was its website address. However, on visiting the website there was simply a domain register parking page – not even a company branded coming soon page. Further discussion with the said company I realised they were less concerned about their web presence. Okay, this begs two questions:

Firstly, why make the web address prominent in all other materials?

Secondly, and most significantly : why don’t you think your web presence is important?

A solid web presence is a fundamental part of a company’s marketing communications mix – not just through a well designed, responsive website but supported by social media management and search engine optimisation campaigns. It is no secret in this day and age that many potential leads first engagement with a company is online. With continually growing online use and interaction in the region, this represents a huge missed opportunity for those companies not adopting an online strategy.

Recently, we were delighted  to take on an engineering company, QEMS, as a client. They realised that its marketing materials and branding was in need of a revamp, but also that there website was outdated and brought no value.  The brief enabled us to create a uniformed branding across all of QEMS’ marketing – including event displays, brochure, company profiles and of course the website.  

A new website was designed, that not only represented the new branding and tone of voice of the company, but was also responsive (works across all browsing devices) – a critical factor in todays online design. Search engine friendly from the ground up it was also launched and supported by a search engine optimization campaign.

Previously QEMS had received no enquiries through its website EVER! Within the first four months of the new site going live they are now averaging one a week. This may not sound too many, but when you are operating in a specialised market with large project values this is a big deal.

The bottom line – whilst having a nice brochure to hand over in a face-to-face meeting is desirable, companies neglecting their online presence are making a bad first impression and allowing the competition to get ahead of them in the online environment.


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