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The Six Key Elements of Advertising

The Six Key Elements of Advertising

Flicking through a magazine, browsing the web or driving past a billboard in a car, sometimes you only have a second or two to catch an audiences attention and engage them. Getting your advert to stand out relies on a number of key elements in advertising design.


An essential element of an advertisement is a products or services key features. What does it do? What are its dimensions? The technical specs.In essence a products features are the factual statement about the product or service. Communicating these features helps your product to stand out.

However feature only advertising is rarely effective and should be used in tandem with the following.


The benefits of a product or service are those inherent gains from using the product. Whilst closely related to features (and often confused with), benefits engage an audience on an emotional level from their personal standpoint. Money that is saved, feeling warmer, more free time. The benefits speak to an audience on how it will help them.

“Features and benefits don’t have to be spelt out – the right commercial photography can communicate just as much as paragraphs of text “.



Creating a sense of urgency helps evoke a response in your audience – ‘available for limited period’, Limited Edition’,  ‘Whilst stocks last’ ( a cliche because it is effective). A potential customer is more likely to be compelled to act if they think there is a limited time to obtain the product or service.


How many products and services dont get sold due to poorly design advertisements, the message lost in a clutter of text, over-use of images when one would have communicated the benefits clearly.

A good layout – headlines, text elements, colours, graphics, photos and space! – can be as important as the information about your product and service itself. Good advertising should be clear and communicate fast and effectively.


Is there a connected offer? A BOGOF ? A discount for buying early? Keep the offer clearly stated and how they get it, which leads to the last key advertising design element.


So you have caught the attention of your audience, showed the features and sold the benefits. They want to buy your product. You need to show them what to do next. It is surprising how often this final step to creating a sale is overlooked, unclear calls to action, details buried away in the small print.  Lead the customer to a clear and definitive action ‘Call this number’, Visit our Website’. Make it simple. Make it clear.

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